Nonino Vendemmia grappa

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Crafted from a blend of Pinot Grigio, Friulano, and Malvasia grapes, this exquisite grappa showcases a brilliant clarity and a luscious, inviting texture. The initial impression reveals captivating scents of tangy sourdough, delicate raisin bread, and vibrant green olives, accompanied by a tantalizing touch of spiciness. Upon further exploration, notes of sun-dried apricot and subtle hints of feijoa emerge. The palate experience is a harmonious symphony of juicy grape flavors, enlivened by a lively spice that dances effortlessly. The lingering finish is both satisfying and enthralling, leaving a delightful impression of beeswax, a whisper of white pepper, and a medley of spicy dried fruits. This grappa effortlessly captivates the senses and embodies a true pleasure to indulge in. With an alcohol content of 40% Vol., it offers a refined and delectable drinking experience.

For over a century, the Nonino family has dedicated themselves to the art of distillation, continually striving to redefine the perception of this ancient Friulian spirit. Their unwavering commitment to innovation and improvement is deeply rooted in their heritage, dating back to 1897. In a pioneering move, Nonino became the first producer to craft a single varietal grappa exclusively from the indigenous Picolit grape in 1973, a groundbreaking endeavor that set a new trend followed by distillers throughout Italy. Additionally, Nonino has tirelessly championed the preservation of local grape varieties, exemplified by the establishment of the prestigious 'Risit d'Aur' (Golden Rootstock) Award in 1975. This esteemed accolade is presented annually to Friulian growers who demonstrate exceptional dedication to conserving and propagating native vine material. In 1984, Nonino once again set the industry standard with 'ÙE,' a groundbreaking distillation technique that captures the essence of whole grapes, preserving their distinctive aromas, flavors, and velvety smoothness on the palate. A testament to their continuous pursuit of excellence, the Nonino family introduced Gioiello in 2000, a pure honey distillate that complements their unrivaled range of exceptional spirits. With a legacy steeped in tradition and an unwavering commitment to quality, Nonino stands as a true paragon among distillers.

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