Unlabelled Yarra Valley 'Blackleather Creek' Pinot Noir 2023

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Every now and then a real gem of an opportunity presents itself in the unlabelled space. Harnessing relationships we've built over the last 50 years has allowed us to showcase some of Australia's best value wines at prices that mean protecting the identity of those behind it is paramount. This wine is made by one of Australia's best Pinot Noir producers.

Sometime's a crop like 2023 that sees great quality along with a healthy amount of harvest means a winery has surplus juice that just can't make it into the final product. Other times we see wine that is destined for certain markets, like restaurants or overseas - suddenly axed at the 11th hour.

Or, even simpler still, sometimes they just need some quick cash flow. Often, it can be a combination of one or all these factors. Such is the case here, that has allowed us to scoop up this absolutely absurd value Pinot from one of Australia's pinnacle wine growing regions and offer it, subject to stock availablility at just $12 per bottle.

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