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Roku Gin, named after the Japanese word for "six," embodies the essence of Japan's heritage and dedication to excellence. Within each bottle lies a harmonious blend of six meticulously selected botanicals sourced exclusively from Japan's finest growing regions. This commitment reflects Suntory's unwavering pursuit of perfection, using only the most exceptional ingredients in their craft.

With a deep-rooted tradition of attention to detail, every aspect of Roku Gin is carefully crafted by skilled Japanese artisans. The knowledge passed down through generations ensures that each element is intricately balanced, resulting in a gin of unparalleled quality.

The ingredients chosen for Roku Gin not only meet the highest standards but also proudly embrace their uniquely Japanese origins. Japanese artisans possess an innate understanding of these botanicals, further enhancing the gin's distinctive character.

Suntory's mastery of gin-making is a testament to their decades of experience in refining the process. Through their proprietary multiple distillation method, the distinct characteristics of each botanical are artfully preserved, culminating in Roku Gin's perfectly balanced and harmonious blend.

Embrace the artistry and craftsmanship of Japan with every sip of Roku Gin, an exquisite testament to the country's rich traditions and commitment to excellence.

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